Spring Poems

The lovely spring season poems
The season of spring is the sign of joy and delight, in spring the sun starts to warm and flowers start blooming and tress take out new leaves to enjoy the eager warmth of spring sun. These spring poems also depict the same changes which take place during this season

Spring Can't Come to the Phone Right Now . . .

Charlotte Partin 

Spring can't come to the phone right now...
She's flown to distant hills
to dabble speckles on a fawn
and fling out daisy spills.

When she re-mosses forest floors
and pulls back Winter's pall,
she'll batten down the daffodil
and then return your call!

To teach the wren her little song
will take an hour or two-
Striping birches lasts awhile,
so wait and she'll call you.

You'll know when April comes again -
She'll cause your heart to leap.
Just close your eyes and listen
to her message at the "beep".

It's Springtime
Leonard J. Bourret

Winter ice takes its time,
cracking through the
glacial sublime.
Snow disappears from every
crevice, and frees up the
fresh-water lakes, and the
golden ponds.
Spring displays a terra
firma sign.
Dormant trees begin to bud,
leaves and flowers start to
unfurl, and our excited
spirits soar and whirl.
On panoramic mountain views
we?ll climb, and hike on
scented trails of pine,
tasting the flavor of New
England, and enjoying its
spirit-filled Spring mime.

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