An Old Time Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Poems

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An Old Time Thanksgiving

William Philip Frakes

Don't you remember away back when,
The Thanksgivings that we had then?
The grandest feasts with wholesome chat
And the "lingo sparin" all while we sat.
We mixed our vitals with joshin' digs,
Approached with care all local intrigues.
I remember, as how, we churched a bit too
 Before the Thanksgivin' repast was through.
 We often quoted, what the preacher said---
 Kinda honored life, and respected the dead;
Got our science of livin' from the Bible book,
And those man-made theories we forsook.
When the children knew their Sunday School,
When they absorbed a lot of the golden rule;
And the larders were heaped with foods to spare,
But not a neighbor in want---anywhere


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