Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

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Thanksgiving Poems

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Thanksgiving Poems for Kids


Little Turkey in the Straw

Oh, there was a little turkey
Who strutted through the straw.
He lived in the barn
With his maw and paw.
But every November,
He thought it was a pity,
They sent him to visit
His cousins in the city.

“Gobble, gobble, gobble,”
He cried all day.
He did not want to go away.
His folks said, “Go!
Before time’s wasted
Or you’ll spend Thanks-
Giving day being basted!”
And so the little turkey
Went off to see the town.
A little bit unhappy
With his tail feathers down.
His cousins took him
Trotting to their Pizza Hut—
And now that little turkey
Is a pizza nut.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble
He eats, then sighs,
And orders up more pizza pies.
He tells his cousins,
“Hey! This is living.
It’s the way all turkeys
should spend Thanksgiving.”

—Grandpa Tucker



 Hello, Mr. Turkey

Hello, Mr. Turkey
How are you? (clap, clap)
Hello, Mr. Turkey
How are you? (clap, clap)
With a wobble, wobble, wobble
and a gobble, gobble, gobble
Hello, Mr. Turkey
How are you? (clap, clap)

Old Turkey

 Old Tom Turkey lived on a hill,
--gobble, gobble, gobble.
If he's not gone, he lives there still,
--gobble, gobble, gobble.
A duck came by and said hello,
--quack, quack, quack
--gobble, gobble, gobble.
Goodbye now, friend, it's time to go.
--quack, quack, quack
--gobble, gobble, gobble.


Mr. Turkey was so sad.

He lost the feathers he once had.
Now he wants us to help him find
all the feathers of his kind.

We will look both high and low,
we will find them, don't you know.
Here's a red one and a blue.
Look, we've found a green one too.

Here's an orange one and a yellow
soon he'll be a feathered fellow.
Now we've found the purple one,
Black and white-we're almost done.

If we just look up and down,
I know we'll find the feather brown.
Now Mr. Turkey is so glad,
We found the feathers he once had


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