Thank You Mother in Law Poem

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Thank You Poems

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Thank You Mother in Law Poem

I know its quite unusual,
and hardly ever done,
But I would like to thank you
For your youngest son.

And though it is HIS special day,
To celebrate his birth,
I know if it were not for you
He would not be on earth.

From the moment of conception
Till his birth broke you apart,
You carried him, as part of you,
So proudly beneath you heart.

From the instant you first saw him
You knew a special joy,
As you watched him grow from infant
To a rough and tumble boy!

The years flew by so quickly,
From the cradle to his teens.
You hardly saw his going
From diapers to blue jeans!

From rattles to mud pies,
To trucks and a three wheeled trike
From crawling to walking,
To running and "big" bikes.

He once was a baby
Asleep on your lap,
Then a first grader,
Too "big" to take a nap

Learning his numbers,
From zero to ten,
Reciting his letters,
Again and again.

Reading and writing
and "rithmatic
Hating his homework,
Pretending to be sick.

Hating all girls,
Because they were "pests"
Forever in fights,
Just to see you was best.

Sneaking a dollar,
When you did not know,
So he could play hooky
And go to the show.

Out with his buddies
Sneaking a smoke,
Rum in those bottles
That you thought were just coke!

Finding out girls
Were really quite great,
Liking the difference,
And starting to date.

Somehow he managed
To survive and mature,
While you, his poor mother
Could just try to endure!

You watched in amazement
The over night change,
From using his muscles,
To using his brains!

From dressing and acting
Like such a slob,
To short hair and dress shirts,
And holding a job.

From being a playboy
A new girl each night,
He settled on one girl
The one he thought "right."

And now hes a husband
A father, a man,
A success in his work
And as proper as can!

And I am his wife,
And I thank you again
For without your creation
This poem would not begin!


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