Change War to Peace

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War Poems

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Change War to Peace

Our time is now to hope and pray.
For peace on earth, this very day.
Where man must turn the other cheek.
If he's to show, he's strong not weak.
To put an end to sorrow and war.
To let God's gift of love through the door.

Sadness enters all who lets it in.
Sorrow and hatred will also begin.
To change it all and make a start.
We must all learn to play our part.
Show kindness, love and sympathy.
Caring and sharing so differently.

No more war and no more pain.
We must all live in harmony again.
Give out sunshine bright and warm.
Calmness, strengthen, no more storm.
I look to God to answer my prayer.
I know and feel Him always there.

So come on one, come on all.
Put down your arms and answer the call.
March forward to our victories end.
It can be done, while we are friends.
Love God, love man, love life itself.
Let's all unite and come off the shelf.


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