A Soldier visits the Wall today

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War Poems

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A Soldier visits the Wall today, never to come again.

The ground is trembling as he walks, he sees the eyes of friends.

He hears the cries on a misted day, he feels his heart pound fast.

Encountering again the pain of death, blood soaked they breathe their last.

A poem from T.S.Elliot repeats it's lines to see,
a poem of Universal sight..written I think ..for me.

The misted sky is closing in, It's not so very grand.

He traces the names upon the Wall, too weak now just to stand.

And touching their face for one last time, in turn they touch him so.

He places a small flag at their feet, and turning he must go.

The pain inside..so very great, has eased somewhat today,

The Soldier knows that he must go, to heal in a special way.

And that way is unique to him, it closes off the past.

And seals his heart from all that hurts,


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