A Soldier's Poem

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War Poems

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 A Soldier's Poem

There are many nights such as these,
Sleep not possible, it seems.
And thoughts keep reoccuring still,
Trapped in lonely dreams.
Why must she be so far away,
Her touch I feel at night.
And yearn the softness that's not there,
Yearn to hold her tight.

But if I close my eyes and think,
Of where I'd like to be.
It is very simple in my mind,
For even me to see.

This feeling of empty-heartedness,
Can only end one way.
For her to take the all of me,
And hold me close some day.

Until we join in splendid bliss,
The loneliness is deep.
And rips the soul of one once strong,
And causes him to weep.

So do not pass a judgement,
On the sincerity of my thought.
Until you hear the time I speak,

And loneliness is naught


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