Angel Poems

Angels the Mystical creatures: Here you can find some Angel Poems and Poetry about Fallen Angels, Baby Angels and Guardian Angels

It's said there is a wondrous place
Where all the angels dwell
A place far beyond our vision
A place where beauty fell.

I've heard it said the angels fly
Throughout this place all day
and if you stop and listen
You can hear the harps they play.

I've never seen an angel
I've never seen one fly
But I just know somehow they're watching
From a majestic place up high.

I have heard it said they're always with us
though some days we seem to fail
but when we reach out to touch a heart..
we truly walk where angels dwell.


Somewhere in the clouds
Somewhere far away
Is the castle that I long for
It's only a dream away.

These are the things dreams are made of
Of tall castles in the sky
So come join me in my journey
Where doves and angels fly...


The sky is efferescent and golden The birds are attuned to the soft light blending sounds of the harp echoing... The angels are out tonight working their good in the lost and forgotten The lepers, the outcasts, the poverty stricken, the sick, who all get lit up by angels..flowing throughout the world... The holy doves The tinsel on the Christmas trees The light festivals The glittering of the sun on the crystallized ice The cupids on Valentine's Day The ocean's horizon at dawn The purple lilacs in the gardens... The angels are with us They come out to heal the needy and sound their trumpets for the world... Letting us know it's alright It's alright now...

by Jeanne Fiedler


God Made An Angel Poem

God gave him peace of heart, and shoulders strong,

To bear the weight of troubles not his own.

With every darkened deed and day too long,

He reaps the fruit of sadness friends have sown.

God gave him angel wings, with which to shield

The weak of heart, sweet wings to soar above

The endless hurts the world will surely yield,

And grace those sad of heart with patient love.

God gave him hands, so mortal, yet so mild

To hold the weak of heart close to his breast,

And calm their fears, their troubled storms so wild,

To let their pains and problems lay to rest.

God made an angel so those hurt can stand,

But, if an angel, who will hold his hand?


My Sweet Angel

My sweet angel, may I crawl beneath your tattered wings
today all of the heavens grieve
today my heart bleeds the tragedy
of a death song sung out of time
My sweet angel, your wings are broke
crushed by the tears that fell from above
I'll crawl beneath them and rest my soul
and find hope in faith when I need it most
My sweet angel, I never blame you
the light of tomorrow will help us through
. . . and your wing will mend
My angel, before you fly away
might I crawl beneath your wings
and cry myself into a sleep
rest my soul, eternal peace.


Angels Poem

Angels shining, Angels bright
into your life they bring delight
The shining Halos on their head
sinless souls they have led

To the gates of Heaven up above
full of sweetness, full of Love
Beautiful wings that they have earned
for teaching Love, that we have learned

Our Souls to Heaven, the Angels lead
for those of us who earned the deed
The Angels sing their Glory song
to let us know it won't be long

For Christ to come once again
to take with him those without Sin
When Gods full plan has been done
We will be taken one by one

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