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The Tortoise and the Monkey
Gemma Alderman 

I am a tiny tortoise
I live inside my shell.
I eat green grass
and don't move fast
but I can do back flips as well.

You are a tiny tortoise
and you live inside your shell.
I'm a homeless monkey
Is there room for me as well?

I am a tiny tortoise
but as you are my friend
I'll try to make some room inside
I'm sure you'll fit in then.

Thank you for your offer
You are very kind indeed
Because you are always there to help
A monkey friend in need.

If you are too big to fit
and find it quite a struggle
We can always rent a flat together
and cause alot of trouble.

I'm afraid that I must decline
although a good idea, it sounds to me.
Because my friend I have to say
I'd much prefer a tree.

When you get so blinding drunk
you fall out of your tree
Remember that I am your friend
And will drive you to A&E.

And when i've come around again
and you are by my side
I'll think of all the funny times
we've spent together inside.
because you and I are friends long and true
and will be to the end
'cause nobody makes a better pal
than a tiny tortoise friend.

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