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Dreams of Forever

A mirror of reflections
through the veil of time
I look over my shoulder
as the years have passed us by ~
A lifetime full of memories
together we have made
And I know I couldn't want for more
than I did our wedding day.

Our yesterdays are history
but we have yet to share
So many more tomorrows,
and nothing could compare ~
To the joy you've given me
the way you make me smile
You don't even have to say a word
you just make life more worthwhile.

Always and forever
by one another's side
Some days it seems unbearable
and others it's alright ~
Nothing can be perfect
but at least we always know
That through the veil of heartache
the stronger our love grows.

The hand divine upon us
to cherish and defend
Through the years that shapes us
with love that never ends ~
Mirrored by reflections
this life we journey through,
Today, tomorrow, always
as long as I'm with you.


Happy Anniversary
Every day I find myself,
Loving you more and more,
As I wish you another
Happy Anniversary.

Blest, is my mind and soul,
With beautiful images of you,
Embedded in my most valued memories,
Of treasured gems.

Your smile will eternally inspire me,
To write the loveliest of sonnets,
Describing you will be
Like describing the first day of Spring,
Or the Universe on a clear Summer night.

There are no words I could ever express,
Of my feelings at this moment,
As they circulate through my loving soul,
Of holding you Ever so near.

Our time will come when finally,
We'll be in each other's arms
Staring at our future
Within our sensuous hearts.

I will love you forever,
My angel,
Until that day my darling,
I will hold you in my heart.

by, William Bonilla

First Wedding Anniversary

It's been a year now
Since I was your bride
When we stood together
Side by side ~
Making promises
To have and to hold
For better for worse
And together grow old.

And you've given me happiness
You've given me love
And all of the things
I've ever dreamed of ~
Standing beside me
Tendering my needs
When I had my teeth out
You were there for me.

And the times when I held you
To comfort and care
Showing your love
When no one is there ~
Easing your pain
And wiping your tears
Sharing a bond
To last through the years.

No love is greater
Than mine is for you
I cannot imagine
My life without you ~
The happiest day
Of my entire life
Is when, a year ago
I became your wife.

So today is a special day
We share together
Celebrating the love
We have for each other ~
Honour and cherishing
for better for worse;
Happy anniversary, my darling,
This is our first.


30th Anniversary Poem

Thirty years ago, hand in hand
you stood side by side
A long white dress, a tailored suit
as a groom and a bride.

Exchanging rings and promises
this partnership for life
For better for worse, living in love
together husband and wife.

As you journeyed the road together
God, in His grace above
Extended the love you both shared -
two little gifts of love.

And even through the darkest days
through smiles and through tears
Your faith, hope and love endured
during these happy years.

You had captured the fulfilment of love
you never let it go
But displayed its wonder and its beauty
in watching your children grow.

Throughout the years you made memories
of all you've shared together
Engraved through time in your hearts
remaining there forever.


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