Autumn Poems

Enjoy these beautiful poems about Autumn , falling leaves Autumn Poems and the fall in the Winter Season

Late Autumn Poem

Near an icy pond
That lies within a park so fond

To lovers and small children,
Stand autumn’s solemn brethren,

Whose limbs uplifted to the sky
In the season when their leaves all die

And scatter,
Running forth with wild clatter,

Lightly don a soft white gown.
Early snow drifts slowly down.

On the water smooth and cold
Reflections of their branches old

Sleep motionless on Saturn’s glass.
An image of untroubled mass

They cast with quiet melancholy.
Being mute to nature’s folly,

Ever silent to the sparrow’s call,
They dream in morning’s frozen shawl.

Then as a boy shoves out his raft,
His little toy a frail craft

Glides through their heavy boughs
(No murmur to arouse)

That sets the crystal mirror to quiver.
And giving trunk and twig to shiver

He sees them sink to liquid death
As he expires a mist of breath.

Evelin Cardenas


Poem about Fall

The wind is blowing very fast
I wonder how long this gust will last
The leaves are falling, the trees are swaying
The rain is coming, the birds stopped laying

Fall is here as you can see
for the next three months, this will be
Leaves have turned to glistening gold
The weather has become a little cold

Put away your shorts, bring out your coats
the time has come to dock your boats
Snow in some places will be falling soon
and in the clear sky, you can see the moon

Kids will be looking forward to school
as they remember the Golden Rule
Fall is a beautiful time of the year
and yes we know, it is here

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