Basketball Poems

Sports poems About basketball

The slap of the boards resonate
Boom, Bomb, Boom!
Ten bodies perspirate
Shush, hush. Shush.
A serious shot ...a score!
Wild chaotic cheering.
A body hits the floor,
Thwack, crack, crunch,
The body shakes,
The shoulders hunch.
Inward ghastly gasp of the crowd
Silence and slow, slow motion.
He's down, a whimper not loud,
Basketball's latest tragic.

Watch the players as they go to the court
To dribble the ball,
Going from one end to the other end
Hoping not to fall,
With all eyes on the players
As they say one last prayer
That they keep dribbling more,
Then throwing the ball up and making a score.
Then everyone sees the coaches
As they approach the teams
And helping them to fulfill their dreams.
One of the players goes to the right
As he puts the ball into flight
And the ball comes a little short
Of reaching the other end of the cour

Dribble, pass, and shoot.
Defense, Hands-up, a goal to block your opponents shot.
Is it as simple as that?
What about determination, teamwork, perseverance, and skills?
They don't develop over night.
It takes hours of practice, sportsmanship, and an effort to be the best.
When you step onto that court, the worries of the world disappear, and the rush of the game takes over you.
It's the love you have for the game, and the heart you have to continue working at it.
It is Basketball.

Short Basket-Ball Poem

I bounce,i dribble
on parquet,
headed for net
far away.

Getting closer
then stopped short,
i'm surrounded
at midcourt.

Looking around
i look hard,
i find opening
to the point gaurd.

I fake left
then spin right,
i release ball
it's in flight.

Point gaurd catches
perfect pass,
now much closer
to backboard glass.

With brows of sweat
an body hot,
point gaurd sets
and takes shot.

Ball hits backboard
then drops in,
cheering crowd
three point win.

Some celebrate
some in shock,
watching shot
beat the clock.

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My basketball represents
Much more than what is shown.
Though to the eye of others
It's not something that is known.
The round shape is a circle,
That means never giving in.
A circle is forever,
So I'll work until i win.
The bumps along the ball,
Stand for weakness all combined.
Each little nook stands for the pain
That I have left behind.
So when you see my basketball,
Do you think it through?
It means so much more to me
Than it ever could to you.

The crowd calls my name
The team is in shock
Last shot of the game
3 seconds on the clock

I haven't even passed the half court line
There's no way I can make it from here
But my team is way too far behind
I have to take the shot, that much is clear

I manage to fake the defender out
I get the ball into the air
I hear my fans, friends, and teammates shout
It might just make it there
I shake the other player's hands
After all, we only played for fun
Before that shot we were down by two
But now we are up by one
İRyan Banks


Rookie Poem
Last inning of the game
the home team down by three.
Two outs and the bases loaded
and up comes the rookie.
He's 0 for10 in the last four games
and the coach might move him down.
If he is he'll want to quit,
'cause he'll feel like such a clown.
He walks up to the plate nervously
knowing its all up to him.
The crowd is silent and the coach whispers
"Go and get 'em."
He points the bat at the pitcher
with sweat dripping down his neck.
He slowly looks at the stadium.
It's filled up; even upper-deck.
Here comes the first pitch,
a slow curveball strike.
He thinks 'It's okay. It's the
one I didn't like.'
The coach is vey nervous.
He should have someone pinch-hit.
But he thinks, "I have faith in this kid.
I'm not gonna make him sit."
The next pitch, a swing.
Wow, a towering fly.
It's going very far,
it might be goodbye!
Over the centerfield wall.
He gave it all he's got.
The ball is way gone;
he hit it to a perfect spot.
The crowd jumps to thier feet.\

The kid won the game!
After being in such a slump,
he finally won his fame.
The team crowds around homeplate
as the kid comes running around.
The coach says "A determined winner
is what I found."
All his teammates gather
patting him on the back.
He eyes the coach and the coach says,
"I guess I'll cut you some slack."
The rookie and the coach share a big hug.
Soon the team joins in,
and the kid isn't feeling
like a small bug.
The rookie tips his hat
to all the cheering fans.
And now the rookie is, finally,
feeling like a man.

Haiku's about Basketball

Shoot hoops, crowd goes wild
Do a jumpshot, you're airborne
Just don't get a foul

Round like the moon
Arch like the rainbow
Sails like the wind

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