Bereavement Poems

To My Angel

You left us ten long years ago
But I'm writing just to let you know
That Daddy still thinks of you everyday
And I remember you when I kneel to pray

Our time together was short
And your life was so hard
You taught me so many things
And a smile to my face your memory brings

I remember all the times in the hospital
And how you always smiled through it all
You never spoke a word to me
But in your eyes, Love I could see

You were truly sent from God above
To teach your family of Love
Your sisters both miss you
And your brother, well, he does too

Mommy still cries now and again
And we're still the best of friends
You brought us all joy and happiness
And for all you gave, we are surely blessed

I know you watch over me day and night
That you show me the path that's right
I miss you my baby girl
And Daddy'll see you when I leave this world

Darrin L. Broyhill


Life is Hope

Through the unbearable ache

And pain of losing you

Life became a precious gift

One of Hope

Gratitude seems an insignificant word

Yet it is all powerful

It makes the heart realise

The real importance and need

Of family and friends in our life


Grief is a personal emotion

It cannot be shared

It is the painful journey

One has to travel alone

Where does recovery begin?

With the gathering of the pieces

Scattered by the event

The multitude of thought

That intrude the mind

Comfort sought in the flow of tears

The sleepness nights

Where dreams cross the misted bridge

To seek peace and solitude without you

Angels Wings

They had no choice to go or stay

Their time on Earth was complete

And thus began their journey

On angels wings

The Depth of Your Love

You may be worlds apart

Separated by sea, earth and sky

You miss their face, their voice, their laugh

But I know you are destined

To meet again some day

Such is the depth of your love


The Ache Of Loss

Loneliness creates a void

As a loved one is taken

From our hearts

And leaves an ache of need

Memories are precious keepsakes

That make the process of grieving

And the ache of loss bearable

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