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My Dear Brother Poem

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Brother Poems

Written by Candy Moczulski

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My Dear  Brother
Through all those years
We were together,
I've feared since that day
Now we'll be never.

You were taken from me
And given away
I want you back
What more can I say

We weren't just blood related
We were something more
Not just family, but friends
And someone I could adore.

I prayed every night to God
So that he would let you stay
Ever since that day in cold November
I knew that now, I'd have to pay.

I miss you truely, I miss you dearly.
I see the choice that you have made
It seems to me just to clearly.

I'll be here for you
If in time you need me
But I won't come to see you
Maybe in time we'll see.

These past few years all I wanted
Is to have you as my brother
I've learned to face the truth
You've traded me for another.

I wanted you back before
But now I've let go
I didn't have the time for the pain
But how "I love and miss you" you'll
never ever know.
Submitted By Candy Moczulski


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