Another Old Cowboy Has Died

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Cowboy Poems

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Another Old Cowboy Has Died

By Ben McKenzie

Sit down on that old saddle,
Put all your doing aside,
I only rode out here to tell ya’,
Another old cowboy's died.
I know its getting hard for the taking,
All those empty saddles hanging off the corral,
I like to think of them in heaven,
But you know there'll be cowboys in hell!

His death sorta’ got me to thinking,
Of everyone I ever called friend,
That have already gone to the Great Beyond,
And I'll never see again.
Cause they were the right kind of fellas,
And heaven is where they belong,
I treated them right in my passing,
And mourn for them now that they’re gone.

Our trails will never cross again,
They'll rope a different spread.
They won't remember this outlaw,
Or see me again when I'm dead.
I hold no remorse for the things I've done,
That cut me out of the herd.
I always played the hand I was dealt,
And never went back on my word.

Now I ain’t just jacking my jaw bones,
A man can't deny what’s true!
I just got to thinkin’ it won't be long,
Till you'll be going too.
That's why its such a welcome sight,
To see you standing there now,
With that old pitchfork in your hand,
And the sweat beading up on your brow.

I remember the times we throwed together,
And a lot of things best left unsaid.
I rode the trails again with you my friend,
Last night while I lay in bed.
There was Curley Joe and Toothless Pete,
Sam, Sunny, Kindle and Tex.
Talking as though they was still in the go,
Reliving life's little wrecks.

I thought of the day they'll lay you away.
I'm ashamed to admit I cried.
Then I just rode over to tell ya’,
Another old cowboy's died.


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