Depression Poems

Poems on Despression

Sea of Depression

by Allyson Sherrick


The depression comes and spills around me
It flows over me and spreads throughout me
It comes crashing over my head like a tidal wave
It floods through my heart and trickles down my chest
The storm rages on and I cry out for the deep calm of the sea
There's darkness in my world right now
Engulfing my bleeding heart
But the tidal waves still come crashing and beating down my door
The pelting rain still raging on as I see a far off shore
I swim through the sticky darkness and cry out a scream of help
But the undertoe grabs and pulls me under as I give up my struggle
I see the waves crashing above me but I am trapped in the deep

Sea of Depression.

Depression Glass

by Amanda Proctor


The inanimate attempt to brighten hope.
The useless attempt to cheer people up.
During the depression,
A gift of colourful glass with purchases
Of maybe a dining room set,
A stove or something useful.
This prize in the crackerjack box,
A token to gave that sad generation happiness.



by Matt


Changing is hard
Solid to shard
Leaving in pain
Lost in the rain
Searching for soul
Finding a hole
Rise to then fall
Decide to crawl
Keep on the ground
Need to be found
Now beaten hard
You are the shard


by Dawn


My heart's been painted black inside,
for all my love has been pushed aside.
Now I'm filled with hate and pain.
Others think I've gone insane.
Everynight I sit and cry,
when I wake I want to die.
Will the happiness ever come back?
Or will my heart remain forever black?

Depression Poem

by Selena


To lose the love you have,
For everything and everyone.
To lay in the bathtub,
With no one turning the doorknob.
To lay in a liquid bed made of your own blood,
To not move.
To not breathe at all,
To not get to know the new.
To sin the worst sin,
To be sorry.
To hope to be forgiven,
Not to be seen.
To watch yourself slit your own wrist,
To not think.
To not believe in the good,
To accept that you'll be gone soon.
To hear the quietest noises,
To see a blood covered white rose.
To feel the coldness,
Of your own blood against your skin.
To not believe what everyone says,
To not feel the pain within.
To no longer live in this kind of world,
Where you have to be perfect PLUS more.
To not ever see your face,
Ever, ever again.
To welcome Death,
Into your heart where all the pain stays.



By Angela Downs

As I stand here in my room
In the lowest, saddest gloom.
Wondering why I can't seem to smile
Though it seems I've frowned for miles.

Why can't I laugh and play with friends?
Their laughter never ends.
I want to sing and dance all night
But nothing ever seems right.

So why do these feelings last so long?
I've never done anything wrong.
I lie here all night in bed
As all these crazy thoughts run through my head.

They tell me to die or run away.
Do I do the awful things they say?
Will anyone notice or even care?
Or is my life just one big dare?

As I stand here by my bed.
I hold a gun up to my head.
As I squeeze the trigger tight
I close my eyes and say good night.

Now I'm lying here all dead
Because I did the things they said.
Was it wrong or right to do?
I'll never know because I'm through.



It's not about depression
It's about self expression
To show you how i feel inside
Without lettin it hurt my pride

As I dig a hole deep for me
I express how I really feel for thee
The longing you recieve everday
From the many who have come from far away

That always a step better than I
That is why we say goodbye
To the cruel world that gave us life
And filled it with a bunch of trife

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