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we love our dogs and cute little puppies, why not express that love in form of poetry

Tough Going

So many lessons
A pup must learn!
You get in trouble
At every turn.
You can chew a ball
To your heart's content
But -- chew a shoe
And there's punishment!

Bark at strangers
"Good little feller!"
Bark at a friend
It's "Down in the cellar!"
Beg in the parlor
-- "Clever stunt!"
Beg at the table
"Down you runt!"

Roll in the grass
And they say you're cute
Roll in the flowers
--And dodge a boot.

The ways of Humans
Ain't got no sense
And a pup must learn
By experience!
-by Berton Braley-

My Loving dog.
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True Love: The Love of a Dog

Gorgeously delightful
eyes of chocolate brown
Love so sweet and tender
whenever you're around ~

Head that rests so softly
upon the lap within
A faithful loyal friend
where love truly begins.

Gentleness that whispers
speaks volumes to the heart
Eyes convey a message
they're everywhere you are ~

Powerful yet loving
they speak a thousand words,
And still they melt your heart within
for they truly are your world!

A love forever faithful
how can one be without
Such loyal devotion
and the nudging from that snout?

For a house is not a home unless
one pauses to see
Through the eyes of he who lives
with love unconditionally.


I look into your eyes

I look into your eyes and can see,
The trust that is built between you and me.
You never judge me when I am blue,
You are a friend thats always true.
The life you lead is like that of a child,
Sometimes your calm and sometimes your wild.
We walk outside every day,
And that is when we both like to play.
If life was as simple as it seems to be for you,
We would be content and happy too.
Your loyalty is one of love,
You are a gift from heaven above.
Its hard to think of you as just a pet,
When you are the best friend I could ever get.
I know to most your only a dog that lives here,
But to me your the friend that is always near.

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