Little dog lost

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Little dog lost

The little dog wandered the streets
as he tried his very best,
to find a scrap of food
and maybe a place to rest.
Darkness was beginning to fall
it started to turn cold,
he had a home but now it's gone
a story so often told.
His family no longer wanted him
they tossed him out one day,
to live or die was no concern
as they went upon their way.
Now he must scrounge for food
and hopes that he will find,
someone to take care of him
and he hopes that they won't mind.
A little dog so full of love
who just can't understand,
if someone will just take him in
he'll do the best he can.
To be the best companion
and friend that he can be,
to love them and protect them
is the future he'd like to see.
He will find that special person
to give him a loving home,
and then from that moment on
he'll no longer have to roam.


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