Poem about Pets

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Dog Poems - Poems about Dogs

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Poem about Pets

Pets are like children in every way
When you bring them home and invite them to stay.
A dog or a cat, a rabbit or a mouse.
Their character is made once living in your house.

They can be naughty or lots of fun.
Just like children, precious every one.
The innocent look they can give to you.
Will bring a smile; melt your heart away too.

They need your love, and are loyal in return.
You just need patience for them to learn.
You talk to them with your loving care.
And oh! So often, find them asleep in your chair.

I have two cats and a dog in my home.
With them in the room I am never alone.
My cats can sleep most of the day, away.
My little dog barks, when she wants me to play.

The cats look to me for a cuddle and food.
When contented, they purr! Makes me feel good.
My little dog follows me, wagging her tail.
She's there to protect me and she never fails.

I love my pets dearly, they give pleasure to me.
My commitment is solid, devotion to three.
I'll feed them, love them, and always be there.
To show my little darlings, how much I do care


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