Easter Poems

Poems about Easter and the spring season

Easter gets its name from Eoster, a Teutonic spring goddess. It was originally celebrated on the spring equinox when the day is in balance with the night, and so we will again have more light than darkness. It was therefore the perfect time to celebrate the resurrected deity, whether it's Osiris, Mithras, Odin, Persephone, or Jesus Christ.

Everywhere we look there are flowers, chicks, rabbits, and colored eggs! All symbols of new life and fertility and have been part of spring celebrations for thousands of years.

The lily, now thought of more as a symbol of death, was a symbol of life to the ancient greeks and romans, and they decorated their Spring altars with them. Young men would offer them in the way that men now offer diamond rings.

Following are some inspirational poems related to the festival of Easter


Time for Easter

Well, it's time for old Peter Cottontail to make his annual stop;Easter bunny peaking over table
And down the bunny trail he'll be doing the famous "bunny hop";

Hopefully he's got lots of colored eggs for you and your friends;
Cause you know he won't be back for a whole year again!

bouncing easter egg So make sure you're ready for him to come hopping by;
And don't even try and catch him - you know why????????

Because if you stop him before he gets to my place;
I won't get any eggs--my Easter basket will be taking up space!!!!!

spinning changing egg
So if you should see him, please don't stand in his way;
Point him toward my house, so we'll all have a Happy Easter Day

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