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Feminist Poems Feminism poems

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You canít define who I am you never will

Iím my own person with talent and skill

You think jus cuz youíre a man ill fall at your knees

You think just cuz Iím a women my submission will come at ease

Boys get into groups to talk about their latest score

A girl will do the same and you call a whore

You can hav a girl and couple others on the side

But with a girl the same rules aint applied

You think you have the right to do what you do cuz of the way I dress

But it aint fair on all the women you oppress

So what if my skirts a little short or my tops a bit low

Just keep it in your pants as hard as that may be though

Till this day women are treated with less respect

But you need to understand dis aint correct

Come on itís not hard to see

We are virtually the same at some degree

But thereís this barrier between the two

And there is hardly much I can do

Its time to rid the world of insanity

As difficult as that may be

I get men may be stronger, taller...faster

But it doesnít mean theyíre any better

Iím a woman and thereís a lot to say

But I have to take it day by day


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