I am Perfection

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I am Perfection -- By Melanie B.

I am not beautiful to the shallow observing eye
That wanders over my outer shell with disdain,
For those who take a closer look can easily see
That my beauty shines from deep within.

I am strong, stronger than ten whole men bound together
Not in muscle strength but in inner strength,
For I can fight, I can endure and I can accept defeat
When I lose a battle.

I am the definition of Superwoman;
Intelligent, sophisticated, sensual, a desirable woman
For those who dare to look closely and realize
Just how extraordinary I am.

I am perfection in any and every single way
For I am not afraid to be
Simply, uniquely, irrevocably


avatar Kayla Maddox
i was wonering if u could send me a biography of Melanie B. i really would love to use here poem in an assignment but to do so i need a biography . please reply ASAP. thank you.
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