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Freedom Poems - Poems about Independence


I am a lioness locked in a cramped cage 
that barely allows me to breathe.
What I want more than anything
is escape,
someone to free me from my bonds,
or better yet;
the strength to tear this tiny cage apart.
I want to walk around,
stretch my dreary legs and take 
a deep, sweet breath of freedom.
I am not the only caged lion, there are others too,
some have grown accustomed to their confinement and
cannot understand my pain.
They say I am foolish.
They say I should enjoy the protective nature 
of these bars.
They say my great escape would be short lived.
They say I would only return
with my tail tucked between quivering legs.
I say they are foolish.
I could not have been born in this cage
that has suppressed my ultimate potentials.
I yearn to join the free lions...
I dream of them...
I can see the happiness in their eyes
that glitter with freedom.
I listen to the stories of their great adventures
and long to join them on the next one.

And then my heart fills with sadness
and my cage feels smaller,
I can hardly breathe now
and the rain falls from my eyes.

For I am a caged lioness
and cannot join them.

by Samantha Johnson


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