You are afraid of life?

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You are afraid of life?

----You are afraid of life?
But life is who you are, and life is who I am!
You are afraid of mankind?
But man is who you are, and man is who I am!
Man is language, man is expression,
but you are not afraid of that!
With the iron-bond of Word and Understanding, man is inextricably tied
With humanity's loins, life is inseparably tied
But you are not afraid of that!
Truth is you are afraid of the "unsaid"
The time that has yet to come are you afraid of it
Are you afraid to acknowledge the imminence of it!

---- Many periods of history have passed by before:
of freedom's remoteness, of godhood that is "self-less".
Even then you believe that it's useless to aspire,
that this night of suffocation is to Providence submission!
But what would you know,
that when lips fail to move, hands arise to life.
Hands arise to life to show to the way that is right,
as the expressions of light.
Hands cry out, yelling the end of the night.

You are afraid of light?
But light is who you are, and light is who I am,
You are afraid of light!
----The walls of the city
have been cleansed of the shadows of evil monsters.
The gown of night
has shredded to pieces, crumbled to dust.
From the mass of Humanity, the voice of Individual rises.
A cry of the soul rises.
On the paths of love, as if, some lover's passion leaps,
a new obsession leaps!
Humanity brims with life
Behold humanity laugh, see cities alive
Are you frightened now?
Yes now is who you are, yes now is who I am,
You are frightened now!

Origianlly in Urdu by Noon Meem Rashid


avatar ShootMeDead
I'm not afraid of life, since it seems to have left me; though my body moves and my lips part to talk barely audible words.
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