Halloween Poems

Halloween PoemsWe all love the spooky Halloweens and the fun on Halloween day can be doubled when mixed with relevant Halloween poems.

Item 1 and 2 have a handful of short Halloween poems for and poems for kids, rest are single Halloween poems


Along with the poems lets talk a little about Halloween traditions here. Most know that it was once celebrated as New Year's, but did you know that many of the traditions associated with it were transferred to Christmas? Nordic and Roman influence caused the new year to be moved to Yule (the winter solstice), and since Yule later became Christmas... well, here we are.
The belief that the veil between worlds is thinner on this night of the year was one of those.  Some examples:

Charles Dickens' well known story of A Christmas Carol

It was once believed in a village in Lancashire that if you looked into a churchyard on Christmas Eve, you might see the shades of those who would die in the new year, but among them, you might also see yourself.

The "Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria" sequence in Walt Disney's Fantasia, is a depiction of what was believed about the night that was once the biggest pagan festival of the year. It was taught that it was unsafe to be out on All Hallows' Eve until the church bells and the dawn drove away the spirits that would roam the earth.

Another belief was that ghosts would return to the homes of their descendants to revel.

We of course offer treats to all those little "spirits" to keep them from lingering here. *giggle*

Poems of halloweenAnother tradition that started out at Halloween was wassailing (Here we go a-wassailing...). Drinking to the health and well-being of, originally, the apple trees, which have had their final harvest in October. Wassailing in modern times is drinking to the health of anyone with a spiced punch prepared especially for the holiday.

Apples are one tradition that has stayed part of the Halloween celebration. Caramel apples and bobbing for apples have been a part of many Halloween parties.

The pumpkin, the most prevalent of modern Halloween symbols, was an american addition to the holiday, but the jack-o'-lantern is at least 2 thousand years old. The first were made in Ireland, and were simple faces carved in turnips which could be easily carried if one needed to travel during the night. They were designed to frighten away evil spirits who were following deceased loved ones and blocking their way into the Land of the Dead, and also to protect the living.

The Halloween Poems continue below , If you have written a poem about hallowen and would like to share it than do send it in.

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