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Ruined trust
Destroyed morale.
Come on baby,
You're on a roll.
Give me more
Deceit and lies.
Hurt me baby,
Break all ties.
Your kiss is now
Venom and cold.
You act as if
Your soul's been sold.
I cant believe
You're having fun
Doing this to me-
I thought you were 'The One'.

August 2001


by Dawn Souter


Another tear falls from my eye,
it's another night that I will cry.
I miss the way you held me tight.
I miss the tender kisses good-night.
I miss the way you'd smile at me.
I miss how it used to be.
Now I don't know what to do,
because most of all, I miss you.
I miss everything you did.
My love for you I hid.
But now you're gone and it's too late,
the love I had has turned to hate.
Hate for what you've done.
Hate for taking all the fun.
Hate for what you've made me be,
but most of all, hate for me.

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