Horse Poems

To ride a horse is to ride the sky

Horse Poems and famous poetry about beautiful wild horses, the legendary creature which has been serving mankind for centuries. Horse about which it has been said that "If you want a stable friendship, get a horse. "

The Horse

Thou art truly
A Creature
Without equal,
For thou
Fliest without wings
And conquers
Without sword

Old Horse

I saw this horse elegant, strong
white of hair, pure by nature
grazing quietly on green grass
hooves up from time to time
or chasing off horseflies with its tail

simple, absolute, perfect creation
bright eyes show no sign of impurity
aside from grazing and galloping
it never concerns itself with a better life

tenderness grew in my heart
my loneliness touching this
in a world of changes
it is easier to like a beast
than it is to like a human

- Yao Feng

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