Inspirational Christmas Poems

Short and inspirational poems for Christmas

Christmas is a great time of the year we love decorating things, so Christmas gives us a great big excuse to cover just about everything! Lights, evergreens, ribbons, garlands, & sparkles! Clings on the windows and ornaments on the tree!

Some people might say that doesn’t begin to touch on the real meaning of Christmas. For Christians that really should be the true reason to celebrate December 25th, but did you know that Christmas didn't start out there? It was moved to the winter solstice, or Yule, which on the old Julian calendar fell on the 25th) in order to coincide with the older festivities that welcomed/lured back the sun (Son) on this, the longest night of the year.

Of course many of the traditions that went along with those older festivities ended up being transferred to Christmas.

Lights (candles, torches, bonfires...) were a way to lure back the sun. Bayberry, an inescapable scent around the holidays also has to do with the luring of the sun. The bay tree (or laurel) was sacred to the Roman sun god Apollo, and therefore using it's leaves, berries, and/or scent were ways in which to honor him.

The significance of evergreens is fairly obvious. When most of the plant life has been harvested, has died, or has gone dormant, they were a reminder that the earth still held life. And since it was too cold in many places to celebrate outside, boughs, branches, and trees were brought inside. Some also believed that this was a way to honor the spirits that dwelled within them. So let us enjoy these inspiring christmas poems

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1 Santa Poems Inspirational Poems
2 When Christmas bells are swinging Ella Wheeler Wilcox
3 Let Every Day Be Christmas Norman W. Brooks
4 In the Bleak Midwinter - Christina Rossetti Christina Rossetti
5 A Christmas Carol Robert Herrick
6 When Santa Claus Comes Unknown
7 Ceremonies for Christmas Robert Herrick