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Inspirational Love Poems

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The start of our journey was scary and fun
We laughed at the strangest of things.
Wed walk and wed stumble
No words would we fumble
Our sharing was like a bird sings.

The stars in the sky were like a clean palette
Prepared for fresh paint by our Master.
We prayed to the sky
And wed ask Him why
The nighttimes would always go faster.

Our passion for God is certainly clear
We know fully well His intentions.
So we will obey,
No cares what they say,
This love is void of pretensions.

The trials that weve lived have made who we are
Were ready to celebrate living.
Our plan has been writ,
Well not change it a bit,
Our hearts are now ready for giving.

As we look together and study our future,
Our family and friends surely see us.
Were divinely connected,
Through God were protected,
His blessings will hold us and free us.


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