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Inspirational Love Poems

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"I would never leave you even if my life leaves me ...

My heart would always love you even if my body leaves the soul within me .. !!


I would always love you no matter whereva you be ....

My eyes would always await you till they close foreva unwillingly .. !!


I miss you beyond imagination, I miss you every second of my life ....

You are the reason I breathe, you are the reason I survive .. !!


I love you whole heartedly, um ready to wait for my entire life ....

Just to embrace you in my arms and experience the love for me within your eyes .. !!


I want to give you everything but got nothing to give you ....

I've got one thing for you that even the whole world can't give you" ..


.... A Heart full of Love <3 !!?


(Dedicated to my Lost Love)

Aakash Kokz - http://unexpressedthoughts.com/





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