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Inspirational Love Poems

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Fluffy bunnies and rainbows,
I had a bad dream-
The kind where you wake up
To the sound of your own scream.

Moonbeams and candy,
Find a distraction for me-
Don't wanna sleep now
For fear of what I'll see.

Sweet butterflies and sugar cane,
Lord hear my pleading-
Heal with your hands
My heart and soul that is bleeding.

Sunshine and daisy chains,
I had all the time in the world.
Dodging bees in the clover,
When i was just a little girl.

But all the music of my childhood 
With the icecream truck's bell,
Cannot drown out
The sounds of this Hell.

So i wake up in the dark,
Alone and afraid,
Knowing full well
What price i have paid.

Things that might comfort me
Just out of my reach,
Books, Music, Horses-
Sunrise on a beach.

But fluffy bunnies and rainbows,
and childhood charms,
Trade it all for peace and love
Within your arms.


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