Misson Love

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Inspirational Love Poems

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His smiles like sunshine
It dazzles like the rain
When the sun hit it

He walks like a dumb guy
Who really doesnt care bout anythang
Because he wants me

All the time
Day and night
Rght by his side
Through it all dont fall
I wont let you fall
When your with me you'll be as graceful as an angel

Honey your so far away
Way up north
We go through it everyday
Thinkin that ill neva see you again
Caus everyday is like a new day
Far away
Farther everday
I cant stand it
I just miss you so
Miss you so.

Even though i still am
With someone i cant
Dull this pain of loosing you
One day you'll be a memory
I remember only a little, dear
Why dont you jsut come on down and help out here?
We still have things not done to discover here.

Thinking that its just misson love,
I still think your smiles like the sun.


avatar candace
omg! this is so touching
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