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Inspirational Love Poems

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To My One True Love

your written on my heart
its a bitter kiss when we part
we're better met bitter parted
to be so far away
to be so in need today
if there ever was another way
you write your name on my skin
sleeping by my side
i hear you, feel you -breathing
i would walk in the cold of the night
just to find a place filled with light
to hear your voice.

to listen to you speak those words
your laugh sweet as honey
i love when you find me funny
You give me the hope to dream
And things could never be as bad as they seem
You’re my rock in stormy weather
As I will be, my angel

No words need spoken
you said them all in the silence
your pretty eyes tell the story
i found solace in your smile
you radiate such light
you are my sun
your the song i sing
my one true love
my everything

without you im a hollow shell
and in hell id rather dwell
than to be without your gentle lips
for a passing second.
any hour im not with you is wasted time
we share stories
im your soulmate and you are mine

Your cute little texts you send
ones that make my day
from my girl and my best friend
I’ll parade my pretty poetry around to make you smile
You’re the seed from which the fruits of joy grow
You’re the thing the dawn chorus birds sing about
Your kind words are all I need to send me on my way
I think of you everyday
No matter what I say
No matter what I do

Your so full of ‘the good and the true’
No one else could ever, compare to you
With my last dying breathe I dedicate my life to you
Two bodies with one soul
I was searching to find out your presence makes me whole
Was it heaven you stole?
When I laid with you
I died and was reborn
On that frosty morn

You write me a letter
I study it
And find peace
Id sooth the mountains
Soothe the sea
Just for a chance to see
You find that special thing you love in me
Your so pure
It makes me happy

Id give you it all - ETERNITY
Just to hold you in my arms
Dead to the world
Lost because of your charms
You melt me like a puddle
Babe you’re a real life puzzle
I wanna take time to figure you out

I could stare at you all day
Your so lovely
You stand that certain way

No matter what comes my way
You give me the strength to fight to live another day
Connected joined by the bonds of love
Shining like the sun
To wake to the wonder in your face
I lose it all and in my mind I come back to this moment
This place

They say love is humble
Love is gentle
But my love shouts aloud
Your pictures on my wall
Your carried wherever I go
I love you baby more than you will ever know
I know I tell you all the time I just thought id let you know
In this uncertain world I find comfort in having you


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