Tears From The Sea

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Inspirational Love Poems

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Tears From The Sea

By Deborah
The oceans waters are close to our own tears.
Every drop. Renewed hope.

Replenishing life.

At times it can defy understanding.
leave you standing there guarding all your youth,

like a fortress that you've

Spent a life time building.

While waiting for wisdom to visit.

Knocking loudly at that big door.

You look back and ask..
Where did it go?

It was bluer I swear it was!
It was full of life.

Animals looking longer for anything.

Going where they didn't come from.
Trying to survive.
Help us! They cry..
The sea is our home.It is our future.
The sea is a vast..


Of you, and me, and him, and her.

How can we turn and not care?
It's in danger it's different now...Can't you see?

The tears from the sea,
of you and me.


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