Insane Love Bird

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Inspirational Love Poems

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Love is a superstition:

All the writing on the wall.

I think Iím going crazy;

But thereís nothing wrong at all!

All this is such a poison,

Yeah, they think Iíve gone insane.

But in truth, it isnít me,

Itís your methods: inhumane!

You make me run in circles,

Iím a hamster in your wheel.

But frankly I am happy,

ĎCause of what you make me feel.

Must be a drug you feed me,

ĎCause I just canít pull away.

Every time I try to run,

Yeah, you make me fall and sway.

But I really do not care,

You could kill me all the same.

Because, sadly, in the end,

Itís really just me to blame.

Iím a fool not to listen,

To the warning told to me.

But your love is my captor,

Please donít ever set me free!


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