Lesbian Poems

Lesbian Poems

Sleeping Together

As you slept I could not
I stood trembling, lost in thought

You on one side, me on the other
Yet I blushed when I pulled back the covers

I slid in carefully under the sheets
Praying our skin would not touch or meet

My heart racing out of control
Wanting to have you, wanting to hold

Feeling every vein in my body pulse with that relentless beat
Like a volcano wanting to erupt, surging with heat

Pulling the pillows and the sheets up tight
Feeling the urge to flee or fight

No where to run, no where to hide
Trying to fight this need inside

I've overcome this battle of pain and lust
And won something more important, her trust.

Bad Dog

Walk me, pet me, play with me, run with me, leash me.
This old dog has scratched the glass till my claws bled.
Why wont she let me in?  What is she doing in there?
I sit out in the cold, my nose pressed against the glass.
All I wanna do is put my head in her lap and give wet sloppy kisses.
I haven't eaten in days, and now the blinds are shut.
I just want to be owned, I don't care how long the leash is.
And here is me, lonely and howling at the moon.



The water is not so holy anymore
And the mirror is not the same as before.

I can still taste the salt upon my lips
As she slowly slips out of my finger tips.

Her dreams and visions fill inside my head
Such ecstasy, as she lays by me dead.

She awakes in a dream to find she has not died
But somehow she has been changed down inside.

This is my affliction
She is my addiction.

So like a drug for which I crave
Stealing the heart, I so willingly gave.


The Truth Within

So much misery, so much sorrow,
I feel the fear, the insecurity,
Unhappiness, abandonment,
The hurt inside, the distrust.

I can feel it still.

Confide in me,
And let me heal you.

Believe in my heart,
And I can cure your sadness.

Trust in my loyalty,
And I can heal your pain.

Have faith in my love,
And leave all doubts behind.

A strong heart, an open mind,
And gently let your fears subside.



Do my hands feel good to you,
Or are you afraid of my touch?

How much is too much,
Where do my boundaries lay?

Don't you know it is dangerous to touch me?

You can't ask my opinion,
I am very much bias.

Don't you know how much
I want to please you, to serve you?

You can ask anything of me.
Please ask soon...


Only You

You by my side,
the warmth of your touch.

You are all I want,
and all I need.

You are all my thoughts,
and all of my dreams.

You are my life,
and what keeps me alive.

You are all I have,
and yet you are not mine.


The Unknown

Not knowing that I needed
Not knowing that I wanted
I glimpsed a light and climbed
Out of the depths of my darkened abyss
I climbed so furiously and so fast
Emerging from the gloomy pit
I realized that I was flying
My soul freed from its chains
No longer bound by my past
I think I have found my freedom at last.


Capture the Rapture

Listen to my heartbeat
Let me breathe in you
Absorbing your warmth
My eyes burn desire
Wanting to taste your kiss
Your voice honey to my ears
My heart shudders,
My body trembles
I could hold you forever
Never wanting to let go
Constantly caressing you
Fingers through your hair
Brushing against your cheek
My hands learning every curve
No need for sleep
Just hold me tightly
And capture my heart
As you have captivated me

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