Memorial Day Poems

By Marie A. Schnieder

He was a brother, a father, a husband, and most of all a soldier.
He had humility of heart, pride of country and the courage of bolder.
In unmarked grave, known only to God, he lies, yet a son of freedom known to all.
He fell to eternity on the battle ground as he rose to heed his country's call.

They were our children, our beloved ones, who gave their lives so galantly.
Fighting for freedom on distant shore, keeping our country proud and free.
A memorial tribute to every soldier, let all Americans observe this day
Embracing our wariors upon this land and remebering those still far away

From the beginning of time man has fought a battle
over love of country, home, money, religion, and values.
This page is dedicated to those precious ones who went
and never came back, to those that came back in part,
and for all who gave even the smallest effort to protect
and serve mankind.

Furl that flag, furl it gently,
Touch sacredly its tattered shred;
Blackened and riddled, it speaks silently
Drooping and sad, of our honored  dead.

It speaks of men who fought so valiantly,
Now dead and forgotten, heroes unknown,
Who carried this flag, oh how bravely,
Until death claimed them his own.

It speaks of the heroes still living,
Who grasped this flag e'er it fell
From the clutch of a comrade falling,
Bleeding and dying from the enemy's shell.

It speaks of moments when all seemed lost,
From our ranks an unforgotten shout arose,
With maddened rush, at any cost,
We wrenched our flag from the hands of foes.

It speaks of combats desperately fought
From the dawn of day till the fall of night,
when in the darkness, with solemn thought,
We prayed for souls that had taken flight.

It speaks of that pure and unequalled fame,
And our hearts grow sad and proudest then,
As it utters that loved and cherished name
Of heroines true, our Southern women.

It speaks of that awful and bitter day,
Our hearts bowed down and broken asunder,
Unconquered we stood, standing at bay,
When suddenly came the word, "Surrender."

For then did Lee, our grand old chieftain,
Loving us well, he knew 'twas best
To bow to the will of God, not man.
Our struggle was o'er--history tells the rest.

Furl it brave, brave comrade, furl it with care,
This dear old flag, for which we bled,
That the ravages of the time never wear
This silent epitaph of a cause that is dead.

--H. L. Blanchard
(Pensacola, FL)
Confederate Veteran (1893)

Come on...Lets Roll

America has always been known
as the home of the brave.
Where someone is willing to give their life
so that others can be saved.

These are heroes that can touch a heart
and leave an everlasting mark.
Although some never adorn a uniform,
others have honors that shine in the dark.

We have sent Veterans to fight a war,
but never on our home ground.
Veterans fought so that we, Americans,
never hear a bomb's horrific sound.

On September 11, 2001, Americans learned
the true meaning of the word 'heroes.'
We heard them in the air & saw them below.
Heroes forever with us & at ground zero.

The whole world watched as the towers fell;
As an Angel took each soul by the hand.
While our country felt the bombs of hatred ...
Heroes were born across this land.

They were everyday people like me and you;
Who never dreamed they would fight a war.
Oh, in their final moments of life, they learned
just what they were fighting for.

They gave their lives trying to save others.
This redefines the word hero.
And some are still looking for their "brothers,"
lost somewhere at ground zero.

Now as Americans celebrate Veterans Day,
we find ourselves with a different goal.
We honor each Veteran who fought for freedom ...
And to each other, we say, Come On ... Let's Roll.
~Author~ Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux

From a distance their are no guns,
no bombs,
no disease
we are instruments marching in a common band
playing songs of hope,
playing songs of peace
the thoughts of every man.

Memorial Day Poems Take This Hand

On the day when our soldiers took their stand,
leaving behind them their life, their love; A
voice inside said "this is my wish that you
defend my shores till peace returns."

So, take this hand, it is broken, crippled for
you, your life to protect, Every time that you
look, a Memorial you'll see, for unto to you,
I gave my all.

Let each person give thought to where I've been,
leaving behind them criticism and condemnation,
for where I've been, it brought tears and fear
yet, inside I knew, that peace would return.

So, take this hand, it has been shattered,
broken for you, your life to protect, Every time
that you see me, a Memorial you'll see, for unto
to you, I gave my all. 

To each and every person that gave of themselves
during time of conflict, I dedicate this to you,
for you truly have given your all, for each of us.

Another name etched on shining marble stone,
Naive youth robbed by apathy's lie,
Innocence remanded to heaven to atone,
Kneels a mother unanswered in her muted cry.
Honor vicarial youth his unsalutary fame,
Compromised sacrifice for peace and duty's call;
Heralded courage, now his one acknowledged claim,
Incorporeal rank will dwell beneath his hallowed pall.


Memorial Day Poems War Memories (1941) by J.E.Miles

Silently waiting for their Captains command,
these brave fighting soldiers of second brigand.
There goes the order, they repeat the shout,
"Over the top men, everyone out!"

Into the thick of it, a cry of dismay,
for many are wounded in this bloody fray.
Battle after battle, takes place all around,
then suddenly it is silent we don't hear a sound.

The battle is over, the victory is complete,
and the remainder of the enemy surrender in defeat.
But what of the dead comrades who died so in vain,
and the wounded soldiers suffering in pain.

The burial squad set forth upon its given task,
such a price to pay for victory, "Is it right,"
we ask? No music nor glory accompanies this chore,
In search of fallen buddies, victims of war.

Life without that of one who serves their country proud, freely, and valantly would be a life void of love, dreams, freedom, a life void of the many treasures so many of us call life. Children, mates, cars, boats, planes, photos, books, stories, smiles, all a part of life. To those of you wear the uniform of your country with pride today, and for those of you who wore the uniform in days past, these few words go out to you, and hope they bring life in its fullness unto you and yours. You gave of yourself, to protect and keep that life which you had learned and begun to love. You gave of your family, you gave of your life, some came home, some never did, some live in our memories, some in our tears, taken in life both young and old, no score card to determine who went and who returned. So accept these simple words of thanks. Thank You...

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