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Motherhood is a God-given call, task and blessing. And among the many things mothers can give their children are roots and wings. Mothers give their children roots by establishing them in the Lord and surrounding them in a heritage of love, prayer and devotion to God. But they also need to give their children wings in letting them fly as high as they can by the grace of God. The following are some famous poems on motherhood and Mothers and Mothers Day

Mother - Rainbow of Thanks

You're the colors of the rainbow
As I quite often say
Though you heard it 'bout a million times
I'm telling you today
You've RED me books at bedtime
ORANGE you glad you did?
You'd YELL-O when you understood
that I was just a kid
You GREENed (grinned) when I would tell a joke,
although it may have been fowl
When I was BLUE, it was only you that tried to make me smile
I really have to thank you
And I wanna let you know
That I'm giving you this VIOLET
To complete your rainbow.

Copyright 2001 ABComics.

Mother, Mother

by Selena Sifontes


The one that gave me life,
The one who's cared for me all the way.
The one that's there when I cry,
The sunshine of my day.

The one who tucked me in,
Who fed me.
The one who taught me how to win,
How to read.

The one that potty trained me,
And showed me how to be good.
The one I look up to in times of need,
The one that taught me that looks aren't everything.

The one that changed my diapers when I was small,
The one that had me in her tummy for 9 months.
The one who has taken me to the mall,
The one that taught me right from wrong.

The one that has bought me everything,
And still does.
The one that has taught me how to sing,
The one that always makes a big fuss.

The one that rocked my cradle to make me fall asleep,
The one who calms me down.
The one that gives me more than what I need,
The one that has taught me how not to make a sound.

The one who has given me a shelter over my head, clothes on my back,
and food in my mouth,
The one that lives for me.
The one that taught me East, West, North and South,
The one who encourages me to succeed.

The one that treats me like a princess,
The one that taught me not to be rude.
The one that never lets me miss school when there's a test,
The one who has taught me to live in a world that's this cruel.

The one that taught me to keep my head up,
The one who has taken and still takes care of me when I'm ill.
The one who tells me to keep climbing that mountain 'til you're on top,
The one who I keep a picture of on my windowsill.

The one who has to put up with me alone,
With no child support, whatsoever.
The one who I think should take her place in the queen's throne,
The one who I shall love forever.

The one who I call "Mother",
"Mom" or "Mommy".
No other name shall she rather,
No other name shall she be called by me.

Mother, mother, hear me carefully,
Without you I shall not have life.
Without you I shall not breathe,
Without you I shall die.



A Woman Mother's Day Poem

"A Woman So Well"

My mother what can I say
To make you know on this mother's day
How you have effected my life along the way
And taught me to be a woman so well

I seldom seen you cry
Though I know the feelings you held inside
Of strength and duty, yet heaven sent
And always you were hell bent
On being a woman so well

I know the essence of a little child
Held in your arms, love so mild
Your soft heart and gentle ways
Kept us together for many days
You are a woman so well

You hide your flaws, no one knew
How you hurt, when you were blue
Or angry or upset, these things too
You are a woman so well

I live with courage and strength
I dare to say
I try to live like you do in every way
In the way I handle my pain and strife
In being a Mother, lady, woman, wife.
All I wish or dream it seems
Is that you will find these things in me
And then for all you will tell
That, like you, I am a woman so well

by Cynthia  Jones



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