Mothers come a dime a dozen.

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Mother Poems - Poems for Mom

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Mothers come a dime a dozen.
so if you have one apprieciate her while she is here and love her with all of your heart because you really dont know how long she will be here on this earth.
God gave her to you for a reason and dont take that for granted charish her be there for her take care of her because you only get one and after her there will be none other to take her place.
Even if you were not blessed with a good mother love her anyway because god said so and what he says goes.
So if you want to live a long and happy life make sure you repect your mothers with every thing in you.
Everyday should be mothers day not just once a year.
Give her flowers while she is alive. Every holiday should be special for mother show her how special she really is its because of her that you are here.
And remember that you only get one.


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