I Once Had a Mother...

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I once had a Mother
an original from Don Allan Dinio

I still remember her vividly everyday whenever I see one.
I wish she is still around.
I envy people who still have theirs.
I cry a tear inside me when things go wrong
and feel down and realize that she is no more.

I still remember how tight she was
with her hard-earned money.
She was an expert in division when it came to food.
As much as I hate hand-me-downs,
it was a religious tradition in our family.
Now I know why and learned from her
the basics of accounting, if not the basics of surviving.

I still remember how kind and sympathetic she always was.
She gave all her time to everyone who needed her services,
day or night, especially to the needy - the poor.
Every time I hear a baby cry...
it automatically flashes a picture of my mom
in her white cap and uniform.
But when she got old and sickly, we barely afforded a nurse
like her to take care of her needs.
She seldom complained of her pains and
took everything so calmly.

I still remember when she always told me not to get married
too soon till I find a steady job and a stable income.
I have always wondered if that was her good excuse
because she never liked the women I have dated.
Now I really know why. She had her reason.
You can't feed your family with love
or pay your bills with it either.

I still remember when she always told me to watch
the people I hang around with.
She always nagged me to come home early
whenever I left the house on Friday and Saturday
nights for my weekend appointments.
She was always worried about me
because I was a teen-ager.

I really did not know what she was worried about.
With what I went through in life,
without her nagging advice, I might not even be here
to write this down for her.
Now I know and understand why mothers always worry.
It is mothers' inherent nature!

I still remember when I was really young and confused,
I ran away from home.
I thought that was better for me because
she had too many house rules for me to follow
and too many things for me to do.

Little did I know that, to be on your own
was twice harder than to follow mom's rules.
She did not stop me from running away.
She believed in freedom!
I believe now she tricked me
into learning...my own hard way!

I still remember the last time I saw her -
in her coffin decked with flowers.
My sister told me that it was an expensive coffin.
Boy, it seems like I heard her say,
'Why did you buy this one for me?
It's too expensive!
You could have used the money for the family! '
That's my mom, practical and sensible.

Today and on every Mother's Day,
to those who still have their mothers, be glad!
Never take them for granted.
One thing is sure, you will miss them when they are gone.
Did it ever dawn on you that you saw a card -
that's almost perfect for your loved one and
was about to buy it - then realized that...
that Special Someone is six feet down.

To all the mothers, who have sacrificed a lot for their children
to have a better future, especially my mom,
may this serve as a perpetual tribute
and a lasting memory for you.
Love, your son!

Don Allan Dinio


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