We Will Make It Through. Dedicated To My Mum

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Mother Poems - Poems for Mom

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I know your soul has shattered,
As well as all your hopes,
But mummy together im sure that,
We will find the strength to cope.

Yes it saddens me to know that,
This all heartaches you too,
But darling i want you to know that,
I'm always here for you.

I know tomorrow you will continue to hurt,
But the tears will fade away,
I swear to you, With all of my heart,
There will be a brighter day.

I know that he too is a reason for you,
To have broken down in agony,
But baby you must know that,
He is not worth all this grief.

I can see it, I hope you can too,
The light at the of this tunnel, Its coming straight for you,
Although it may not feel like it, But all this pain is almost through,
Hold on honey, Heaven has just came into view.


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