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When A House Becomes A Home

A house becomes a Home

When its walls are filled

With the happy ring of children's laughter

With all the chaos, noise and mess

Which add to the joys of daily life and love

A house becomes a Home

When our door offers the warmth of welcome

And our windows project the light within

When with a friendly nod

We greet neighbours and those who pass us by

So a house becomes a Home

When we can add our personal touches of magic

Which makes it especially our very own


A Place Called Home

A house becomes a home

When the central essence of life, love

And commitment abide therein

A home becomes our space

Our little part of the world

Where simple needs are met

And where family rights are respected

There is no love sweeter

No joys or blessings deeper or richer

Than in the heart

Of that place called home

Not Just Bricks & Mortar

Life is choice and responsibility

When one looks at, and decides to purchase a new house

That means a lot of soul searching, questions

And thought have taken place

For the empty house of bricks and mortar

To become a home

Everyone has a special and unique touch

That transforms a house into a home

And the house chosen by you

Will need your own magic touch

To make it livable, workable and lovable

Enjoy Your Life In It

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