A Little Girls Cure

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Poems about Breast Cancer

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A Little Girls Cure

Long and black with hints of gold
She wore it down a beauty untold
The feeling it gave her too strong to express
Yet she did have something to confess
For this was not her own true hair
Instead a wig made with care
You see this girl once had a disease
That took its toll on her family trees
Her mother, her sister, aunt and grandma too
All carried this with them so painfully true
Of all the people in this wide world
Why were they chosen to pass the word?
The word that cancer does not have a cure
But like all diseases something is sure
That everything is possible with a smiling face
Anything can happen when running a life race
This poem is not written to sadden or depress
But instead give strength, hope, and confidence
So if you ever see anyone in a desperate state of need
Just turn to them and maybe even help them succeed


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