Cancer is a Bridge to Pass

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Poems about Breast Cancer

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Cancer is A Bridge to Pass

Cancer is A Bridge to Pass is Just Another Obstacle
Cancer is a bridge , that some have to pass.
Some go all the way across , but some fall along the way.
It's tragic those who fall , when they have come so far .
They fought such a courageous battle .
But the war has been won . They fell off .

Some make it across . They are the lucky ones .
The ones who fight so hard and never give up .
They make it across . They win the fight .
They win the battle . They win the war .

Cancer is just an obstacle .
 We all have to stick together to pass it .
If we can find a cure , millions of lives will be saved .
Humankind will be able to find a cure with the right funding .

Help me fight cancer .
Help my friends , their families and my family .
Help fight cancer . You will be rewarded .


avatar mahtab
hope 1 day every 1 can pass ths bridge
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