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Believe in God Poem

I'll be honest,
I never was known to believe -
But when I see a mother loving her child,
There's no word for the feeling or expression.
When I'm about to shoot an animal for sport,
I cannot tell the guilt yet relief
When I see little ones waiting for her.
When compassion is needed,
I'm gladly there to give it.
When a rainbow appears,
I feel nothing -
But peace and tranquility coming over me.
When I've done wrong, I express
My apology and do what I can
To make the puzzle fit into one again.
But I'll be honest,
As God as my witness;
I was never known to believe.

When You are alone

The pain you feel when you're all alone
a feeling to me, that's very well known
The thoughts in your mind, are not very clear
as you feel on your cheek, that burning tear

It eats you up, and tears you apart
as you try to heal your broken heart
We all have this feeling deep down inside
although for some, they have denied

The painful truth of what they feel
and by themselves, they can not heal
So ask the Lord for his healing hand
and walk you through that burning sand

To the end, where you can heal
and the feeling of contentment you can feel
He turns away no one, who has the Trust
So open your heart, to him you must

My tears are falling once again
because of the evilness of sin
It's all around, and hurts me so
it hits me hard, will not let go
It causes me such unbearable pain
as it did in the days of Abel and Cain
I need the strength of our sweet Lord
to be without, I can't afford
God gave his Son to protect me from sin
that Satan tempts in all Earthly men
He harms my Loved ones without care
I try to get away, but he's everywhere
There is a chance to defeat his way
it works, when we kneel down and Pray
God is stronger and he will win
He will protect me from the sin
I'll keep my Heart open, down to the core
and I will make it to Heaven's door

The End

Ask for forgiveness before it's to late
before you're standing at Heavens gate
Will you be ready for that final call
ask for it now, there's no time at all
Our Lord made a promise he's coming soon
this place we call Earth is heading for doom
The millennium's bringing lots of change
things are happening that's very strange
In the life of every mortal man
let God in your life while you can
God decides when the time has come
to send back to Earth his only son
The time you see is drawing near
and if you're ready, you have no fear

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