Poems about Grandmothers

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Poems about Grandmothers Grandma Poems


What makes grandmas special?
Is it their beautiful laughing eyes
And their tender good-byes?
Is it their wonderful smiles
That make life worthwhile?

Maybe it's their warm loving hugs,
That seems to comes by the mugs.
They never make you feel "uncool"
And never ever like a fool.

Their glorious voice is like an angel above
That tells you you are what they cherish and love.
Every gift from her is a treasure,
As delicate and precious as a feather.

The sweet delicious smell that comes from her oven
Could only be that of a grandma spoiling you rotten.
And even though the things above seem to make grandma more fun,
Nothing could be more special than her love.

by April Sawyer in honor of her grandmother


My Grand Mother is so Sweet

Back where my memory begins
I have always seen my grandma a friend
When I was small and couldn't talk
She would hold me as I tried to walk
If I fell I didn't cry
Cause grandma held me and called me sweetie pie.

She told me I could be what I wanted to be
And she would always be there for me
We went fishing and drove around
We had fun with her, I was never down

Now I am older she is still there
When I am with her I know she cares
She still takes me places and tells me things
To her I recite poetry to me she sings
I love her so much she loves me too
I told her I am here for you, she me too

We always talk everyday
I live for those moments in a way
I am thankful I have her here
She is my grandma best-friend I hold dear.

To her I give my hats off too
Because she loves me the way she does
I know God couldn't be everywhere, I tell her its true..
That is why He gave me you.


A grandmother holds her grandchildren's

hands for a while; their hearts forever.


A grandmother's love could light a large city...!!!


Behind every great kid

is a great grandmother !


Get even...

Live long enough

to be a problem to your kids !


God couldn't be everywhere...so he created Grandmother's!

Grandma is my name.....Spoiling is my game!

Grandma's are earth's Angels...!

Grandma's are just Antique Little Girls.

Grandma's are mom's with lots of frosting.


Grandma's Cookies

5 cents (or one hug and one kiss)


Grandma's heart is a Patchwork of Love...

Grandma's house...love grows here

Grandma's Kitchen...Kids eat Free !!


Grandma's my name...


Spoilin's my game.


Grandmothers are angels in training.

Grandmothers are just antique little girls.

Grandmothers are mothers with lots of experience.

Grandparents are God's way of compensating us for growing old.

Granny's Place....great treats and lots of hugs....!!!!


How about us Nana's ??

Not everybody is called Grandma.


I didn't do it......!!

Nobody saw me do it...!!

I want my Grandma...!!


If nothing is going well,

call your grandmother !

(Italian proverb)


I'm the twinkle in Grandma's eye !!


Most of my blessings…call me Grandma.


The love and devotion I gave to my children,

I thought I could give no other.

But God handed me a pleasant surprise,

the day I became a Grandmother !


The only thing better than having you for my mother,

is my children having you for a grandmother.


There would be fewer spoiled children

if you could spank Grandma's..!!


There's no place like home....except Grandma's !!


What happens at Grandma's.......

stays at Grandma's!


When mama says no...

call 1-800-grandma


With the birth of each child...

A Grandmother is born !



Is like glue
Holding the family together
She loves all of us
The grandchildren
But she is the matriarch
The queen
Always demur
And a lady
With her purse and her heels
And her Sunday morning church smile
She smells like powder
And she is timeless
Full of love and stories and
Just the right explanation
Of why things are what they are
And how they should be
She is flawless and perfect
The best grandma
Anyone could hope for

By Derek P. Day


Who needs a fairy godmother...

I've got grandma !


Who needs Santa...I got Grandma!