Poems about Hope

What will the life without hope ? Hope is what keeps us going.

Hope is something natural. Hope saves us from despair, It's not learned. however it can be lost but inspirational poems can revive our hopes and keep our spirits high

Always Hope for the best and enjoy these poems about hope


Hope Poem

Fade from grey to darker grey.

Never black.

For kindness isn't known of nature.

Kindness that some can only hope to be bestowed upon them.

Kindness that will let the some, attain a better somewhere.

Somewhere black.

The struggle to live.

The struggle that never ends, least of all for those like me.

Reliant on anger,

Reliant on hatred.

Reliant on anything that feeds the relentless hunger that haunts every moment of misery.

There is no end.

Just an every downwards, never ending circle of punishment.

So hope is all I have,

...Only hope.



Limitless Hope

By Pixie

running, when u cant crawl
smiling, when u want to cry
screaming, when u cant whisper
fighting, when u want to die
until u fall
...reaching a limit
but u cant give up
...........................never stop believing, even when all else
bcuz what r we, without hope?

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