Poems about life

The meaning of life is not an unquestionable answer, it is an unanswerable question.
Read some touching poems about life, they may help you to find the meaning of life and reality behind this materiel world.

Of Life, He said

He made me sit

Beside his chair, and said to me,

“My son, there’s things you need to see,”

Then paused a bit.

“We all pass on,”

He took a breath, and touched my face,

As if in me he could embrace

Some soul now gone.

“But in this life,

It’s best to see the living done,

The joy that life gives everyone,

And not the strife.”

“She’s gone, I fear.

Your grandma passed away last night.”

The tremble in his voice was slight,

But I could hear.

I closed my eyes.

I opened them again, to see

My father’s tears in front of me.

A real man cries.

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