Poems that will make you Cry

Sad Poems that will make you Cry

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1 Please (1) AVT
2 Ripped From my Chest LittleMaria
3 The Yellow Wood Sharon Bowen
4 Far Away Megan Silbert
5 when tears are not enough Nikki Young
6 Teardrops Jermima Gaston
7 what you made me Shontal
8 Mommy, Mommy, why can't you love me? Rebecca Cragin
9 Poet's pain N j, Clyed
10 Darkness wins the fight Skye
11 The terrors that haunt me Skye
12 why wont they leave! Skye
13 Darkness Wins The Fight! Skylar
14 How Do I? Drucillia McCoy
15 Black Cloud Over Life Laura M
16 I hope God hears me pray Laura M
17 Secret Garden Inspirational Poems
18 Were better off dead M.J.M
19 Maggie Cusic