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If you have made a mistake than there is no harm in admitting it and saying sorry. Specially If you have hurt and broken the heart of someone you love, don't be afraid of embarrassment, saying sorry to your love should be the easiest thing to do.† The sorry poems here provide a great meaningful way of expressing your regrets in form of poems
Don't be hesitant, say sorry and offer your apologizes where they are due.

Your feelings got hurt
For something I said
Something I did
For something, maybe
That I didnít do
Sometimes I act in ways
That I regret
But itís too late
The damage is done
Your pain
Causes me pain too
So now, all I can say
Is that Iím sorry
Please forgive me
Iím sorry
by Derek P. Day

Sounds of Sorry
Words are just noises
We make with our mouth
So how can these sounds
Mend a broken heart?
(yours AND mine)
Can they ever say enough?
I will try with my mouth
And with these sounds
To apologize
Because I was wrong
And I know that now
"Iím sorry baby. I still love you.
Please return
Your heart to me
Because my heart misses itís friend.
Iím sorryÖ"
by Derek P. Day

I'm Sorry
Some would say I lied.
But I think that I tried
To give you what you needed,
And to save a love that died.
I'm sorry for hurting your feelings
For causing you so much pain.
Sorry for the changes,
And sorry for all the rain
That my love poured upon your heart
And I'm sorry for the stain
That my love left upon your life
Creating so much pain.
I tried to give a love
That was so real and true
But after all the tears you cried
I say,
I'm sorry
To you.
by Derek P. Day

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Forgive Me

From time to time our relationship
Goes through troubled waters
And I say and do things that hurt you

Sometimes things don't go the way
I expect them to
Anger and impatience get the best of me
Hurtful accusations are made
And unintentional things said
I am sorry I hurt you

Sometimes I get carried away
With my own cares and interests
And tend to ignore your needs
You are the most important person
In my world and life
I am sorry
For all these things and more
I am truly sorry
Please forgive me

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